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About Us

About us.

 I used to have an orange brand named HupHollandHip.

You know....The Dutch team used to be the worst nightmare of many soccer countries. Unfortunately...not anymore ;-)

We designed and produced fashon accessories in our Dutch country colours to wear at sports events and Kingsday.

Two years before the Worldcup in Brasil, I started to design the Dutch Havaianas: Bandajanas:


- Lots of value for little money
- Comfortable and hip
- Orginal and practical
- Ecofriendly
- Custom made

Bandajanas slipper

Oor Bandajanas slipper is designed in Amsterdam and as sustainable as possible produced in China and Europe.

No childlabour.

No toxic materials

Recycled textiles

Factories with windows, toilets and heat or airconditioning.No sweatshops.

At april the 8th 2014, we launched Bandajanas in Amsterdam and the croud went crazy.


We sell online and in shops in Holland, Germany and Belgium