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Team Bandajanas

Team Bandajanas®

Team Bandajanas®:
Evelien van der Werff, Amsterdam
Founder and designer.

She also works partime as flight attendant with KLM

So she created a win/win situation; Easy to check the factories worldwide and gets tons of inspiration by the countries she visits and the people she meets.


She has a shoe agency and exports worlwide.

As a lot of Chinese women she is very ambitious. Not only to get rich but also to teach her employees English

Sophie buys ( and I bring) a lot of interesting English books to share with her girls at the office.

She is a warm and kind woman.

Mateo van Ginkel

Evelien's partner. he is very stable and together with Evelien runs the company.


In Holland we have lots of social workplaces.

We like to get easy work done by them to help them earn their money and feel good about themselves because they participate in society.


Claudia, Maris en Martha

The ladies of Lefbv, they take care of all shipments and customer service.

Monique van der Steen

Our webdesigner and graphic designer. We love to work with her because of her patience and creativity.