Bandajanas Goodie box


New : TheBandajanas Goodie box!

SURPRISE SURPRISE, what’s in the box remains a surprise until you unpack it at home. Nice for yourself but also cool to give someone as a gift. What could be more exciting than receiving a gift?

The content differs per box at a time, no box is the same. We don’t tell too much about the content yet, but it’s really everything we girls love. So no stuff, coupons and test samples that are of no use to you. What is included in this is an exclusive slippers set!

You shop these cool goodie boxes very cheaply because the value is at least 85 euros per box!

When ordering, first choose your slipper size (please check it using the size chart)

Under “comments” you can indicate what your clothing size is and which colors you really don’t like, so that the box can be personalized as much as possible.

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