Bandajanas Quickie Set 12


O, This is a beautiful Bandajanas Quickyset ! The set is very stylish due to its simplicity.
You only use one lace here, but you are free to order another Bandajanas lace set so that you can make even more combinations.

The slippers used for this set are the black version. You can choose a stylish wedge sandal or a flat version from the selection menu. The difference in price is 10 euros.
The bands in black / white with spotted print are super cool.
The Ibiza ring is handmade from semi-precious stones. What a piece of art the ladies in Chang Mai have made of it again. Several accessories are also possible here.
Of course you will receive a set of logo charms in silver color.

The slippers are slightly smaller. If in doubt, consult the size chart. Place a well-fitting slipper on a piece of paper and pull it around. Then you measure the length. In many cases you come out 1 size bigger. This prevents disappointments.

a complete set is always priced less expensive

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