Bandajanas lace brown


After there was a lot of demand for basic color band sets, we added new colors so that you can make even more combinations with your favorite clothes!
This strap is nice as a base or extra strap and can be worn with a single accessory or combined with other straps.
This soft pink color is wonderfully summery and goes well with tanned legs.

What exactly do you get?
Two comfortable straps with stretch of about 140 cm long that you can easily cut to size, if necessary.
They are made of cotton, in color brown.
A lot of fabric always falls off when producing clothing. This is then processed into a lace, also called t-shirt yarn. Recycling: that’s what we love at Bandajanas!
You can wear the sets separately or with several together. Or make special knots!
Choose your basic slippers, then the ribbons and possibly a cool accessory

You tie the Bandajanas in many different easy ways: Learn from our videos!

Thanks to the interchangeable lace concept of the Bandajanas slippers, you can adapt them to your outfit in no time.


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